Our mission is to provide parents and others who take care of children with high quality and reliable products for the youngest.
YUGLOB LTD is a company employing people who love their job. Family spirit of the company derives from the company activities i.e. dealing with import, wholesale and retail of equipment and cloths for children, consequently, family-minded people are gathered here in atmosphere where employees are ready to cooperate with each other, to help and to learn from each other. It is not strange then that most employees experience Yuglob as their second family.

Likewise, Yuglob develops partner, and not competitive relations with the surroundings, which is very important to point out nowadays, when in competitive relations and struggle for survival it is especially important to find way worthy of man. Our guideline is that we must start from ourselves if we wish to live in better and more human world. It is not necessary to “wage war” neither in the market nor in life. People have always known how to recognize dedication, quality and good intention. By choosing and selecting the brands it imports for those who take care of children Yuglob has proven that it wishes to provide the children with the best products only. So, if you need, you’ll find in Yuglob an honest, devoted and reliable business partner.