For over 60 years, NUK has been listening to experts: women, physicians, nutritionist and especially mothers and fathers, to gain insight into the needs of children in those precious first years of their lives. Our daily efforts are focused on finding new solutions to further ease parents’ routines and promote healthy growth of their favorites.

Some of the most valuable advices we receive come from Mother Nature as reflected, for instance, in the shape of our baby bottle nipples; they are asymmetrically shaped – designed to mimic the form of a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. NUK teats naturally adapt to the jaw, train mouth muscles and prevent your baby from sucking air.

Indeed, our entire product range demonstrates that such an approach inevitably leads to well-devised solutions. NUK products create a natural succession of items, adapted to the corresponding phases in the development of your child – from birth to kindergarten. Therefore, with NUK products, you can be absolutely sure that you are doing the right thing for your child from day one.

Flašica Disney 300ml, sisak, First Choice

Ručna plastična pumpica za mleko Jolie

Varalica silikon, Disney Mickey

Fleksi flašica sa slamčicom