Original Pavlovic Ointment


The Original Pavlovic Ointment was created after the Second World War, out of the need for improved care and protection of sensitive child’s skin. Dr Živorad Pavlović, a pediatrician, had been experimenting for about two years in a state pharmacy located in Zvezdara (Belgrade) with various substances before he finally came up with the formula that ultimately proved to be effective, in 1947.

In no time, other pharmacies all over Belgrade adopted the formulation and, based on its demonstrated effectiveness, the State Health Insurance Fund at the time approved it as a magistral preparation to be dispensed free of charge to mothers and parents. The ointment had this status with the State Fund until 1970 whereupon the pharmacies started to sell this product. By that time it was widely used not only in Serbia but all over the former Yugoslavia as well. During his lifetime, Dr. Žika Pavlović never protected the formula he invented.

The high demand for the Original Pavlovic Ointment in the ensuing 25 years incited various producers, from state pharmacies to small, privately owned laboratories to try to make “their own” Pavlovic ointment, departing from the original formula. The surrogate manufacturers made every effort to save money on just about any ingredient, not hesitating to use substances of lesser quality, which, naturally, led to the absence of efficiency of the preparations. In the meantime, numerous large international companies appeared in the market, offering moms a huge variety of alternative products for the same purpose - baby skin care of the diaper area.

Such a situation in the market convinced Dr. Živorad Pavlović’s son, Dr. Vojislav, also a pediatrician, that is was about time to protect his father’s recipe and start the production of the Original Pavlovic Ointment by the end of 1997. The production followed the instigation of the patent protection procedures in all of the countries in the region as well as at the global level, in Geneva. He founded a company named “Laboratorija Dr. Pavlovic” which now employs 13 professionals and produces 1,580,000 units of the Original Pavlovic Ointment a year, which, besides Serbia, are distributed in ten other countries: Australia, Canada, USA, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia…

“We have regained customers’ trust, primarily that of parents, and of all others who once loved it, and it has become every family’s indispensable household item. Quality, tradition, and trust are some of the words closely associated with and attributed to the Original Pavlovic Ointment” – Dr. Vojislav Pavlović

Our Brand


If a product was once used by your mo’s mom and she is still as satisfied with it as she was back then, this means that you can rely upon that product much more strongly than on the one offered to you over the media. Our brand has a long successful tradition and therefore it instills trust. The Original Pavlovic Ointment evokes nostalgia for the times which seem to have moved at a much slower pace and when the family was a safe harbor for raising children. That is why parents of all generations are so fond of it.


Our Products


The quality of substances the Original Pavlovic Ointment is prepared of greatly contributes to its effectiveness. Lanolin is the base for all three types of products bearing the name of Original Pavlovic Ointment. Natural wool is a horny tissue containing lanolin. Lanolin is a natural fatty substance which protects wool but also has proven effects on human skin and it has been used for medical and cosmetic purposes for centuries. Lanolin treats, softens and hydrates the skin and it helps the skin to retain its natural moisture. It also has antibacterial properties.
As already known, the Original Pavlovic Ointment is used as a barrier cream for diaper area in babies, while the Original Pavlovic Family Ointment is used as a face and body care cream by all members of the family, from 3 to 103 years of age.

The newest formula of the Original Pavlovic Ointment containing ectoin, has immune and UV-protection properties and therefore it is recommended for persons of all ages but it could also be used as the premium baby care cream for diaper areas in babies.


Our Customers


Our customers are the most beautiful and the most loyal ones. They are babies and, of course, their parents who know that the original Pavlovic Ointment is the best guarantee for undisturbed sleep and carefree growth of their offspring.

“You just apply the Pavlovic and it all goes away” – is the sentence that has accompanied our product for generations.


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