Parkfield Industries Ltd. is a Hong Kong based toy manufacturer founded in 1988. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing baby and pre-school educational toys. They have about 130 items in their ranges, made of plush, plastic and wood.

Parkfield toys help your baby to hone its fine motor skills. Among Parkfield’s plush toys you can find ball or bagel shaped soft rattles recommended for use during the first few months when it is important for your baby to focus its eyes, connect its tiny little hands and gradually straighten up its fingers. In selecting the first toys it is also important that you opt for basic colors used in contrasts such as yellow, blue, red and green. Parkfield toys come precisely in such colors! To encourage children’s further development, from six months on, we warmly recommend the educational toys from Parkifield’s wooden and plastic toy program. The best way for a child to explore his world is through play. Parkfild introduces your child to a world of colors, shapes and various materials. Enjoy yourself while playing together with your precious ones

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